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Concrete Foundation Raise Repair

So, you’re looking for information on concrete foundation raise repair. Most likely you’re having problems with your home’s foundation and you’re on a hunt to find out what to do. Sunken foundations are not uncommon, in fact, many homeowners will face foundation problems over the course of owning their own home.

Concrete foundation raise repair is a common solution but it’s not something you can tackle yourself. This repair method will usually consist of either mudjacking (also called slabjacking) or piering.

Mudjacking is a type of concrete foundation raise repair that consists of pumping a special base material under the sunken portion of the concrete. This base can be a type of cement grout containing lime which enhances the soil stabilization process or it can be a combination of sand, cement, fly ash, and other add-ins. The material is pumped in with a special machine through holes drilled into the foundation. The base raises the foundation and then hardens to form a more reliable surface for the foundation to rest on.

Piering is another type of concrete foundation raise repair. This method involves using jacks to raise the sunken part of the foundation. This is a delicate process as raising the foundation too quickly can cause further damage. Once the foundation has been brought back up to grade piers and footing are installed to support the foundation and keep it in place.

Helical piers, another type of concrete foundation raise repair look basically like giant screws. These “screws” go through the foundation into the ground below until the pier meets more stable soil that will support the foundation. Brackets are attached to the pier that also attach to your home’s foundation. These can also be adjusted as needed.

So now you know a little more about concrete foundation raise repair. While this information isn’t all inclusive, it gives you a little better idea of the methods a foundation repair professional may use to repair your home’s foundation.


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