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Foundation Screw Jacks

Foundation screw jacks can be a valuable tool to use when repairing your home’s foundation. You may be wondering what they are, how they work and how they are installed. One important note is that these are not something you should install yourself. Because of the potential dangers to someone not experienced with this type of work, this is best left to a professional installer.

Foundation screw jacks are sometimes referred to as adjustable floor jacks. As this alternate name implies, these are adjustable jacks used to level your home’s floor. Screw jacks can be installed on interior columns to adjust as needed to compensate for pier movement in your home’s foundation.

Foundation screw jacks are basically two very strong steel pipes, one inside the other. The pipe on the inside is threaded and can be adjusted up and down with a wing nut. This allows the jack to be adjusted as needed to compensate for leveling in your home’s foundation.

Benefits of foundation screw jacks include a low risk of failure, gives the contractor a “feel” for the structure and they have a longer throw than most hydraulic jacks. By a “fee” for the structure, I mean that as the installer is adjusting the screw jack, he or she can actually feel how the load changes on the foundation as the building is raised. This means that the contractor has more control over what is happening and can do their best job at repairing your home’s foundation.

While foundation screw jacks are not something you should try installing yourself, you can trust them to do the job when installed by your foundation repair specialist. I hope this article has educated about how screw jacks work and how they can benefit your home. And at least now you’ll know what they’re talking about when they mention them.




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