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Low Cost Fix for Foundation Cracks

Added January 30, 2007

Q. I have a house built in the 1920ís. The foundation is made out of brick, and itís a two story house. I know nothing about this type of work, but I know I need it fixed. Is there anything I can do, like a home-made remedy?


A: Not a chance. It would be like me going to the emergency room and taking over the doctors operation. I know nothing about surgery, and Iím sure Iíd do more damage than good trying to do it myself.

The first step I would recommend would be an inspection from a foundation repair contractor. Use their knowledge to determine what the problem is and what options are available. Once you have this information, itís completely up to you to try and do it yourself. I would strongly go against this idea however.

More of a concern than money is taking care of the problem. You DO NOT want it to get worse and face the costs of replacing a foundation wall that has collapsed, or other damage caused to your home. Remember Ė the foundation is what holds the rest of the house up.

Perhaps financing is an alternative for you? Most foundation repair companies offer financing options – or you could contact someone on your own to see if they can help you.


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